Team Neutrino is an American FIRST robotics team based out of Ames Iowa, which has been serving their local community with invaluable service since 2011. Beyond robotics, Team Neutrino aims to create a global impact through our advocacy and revolutionary person-centered product design to improve the lives of 890 million Muslim women worldwide.

Our team strives to increase Muslim representation in swimming of all levels, by providing the advocacy and technical resources women need to succeed. Join Team Neutrino to create opportunity for 12% of the global population which is disadvantaged by a lack of competitive modest swimwear. Team Neutrino is solving this inequity for the first time.


Change doesn’t happen overnight. 

Increasing awareness and advocating for change in the swimming industry depends on everyone getting involved, especially those who aren’t themselves disadvantaged. Spread the word through our social media, and help promote change in nations all around the world. #CreatingOpportunity

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I’m so excited by your project and it’s something I’ve been following in terms of struggles of covered athletes.”
Rimla Akhtar, Chair of the Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation
“[That Team Neutrino wants to do this is] an excellent and powerful statement
Shireen Ahmed, esteemed advocate and TED Talk speaker